AtomSync 2.10

AtomSync 2.10: AtomSync is a utility that works in the background and checks your system time. Don`t set your computer clock! Use AtomSync instead! AtomSync is a utility that works in the background and periodically checks your system time against an internet NTP time server or against a computer in your LAN which runs an AtomSync LAN time server. It also displays a nice graphical clock with time and date on your desktop and can announce the time status through MS Agents. Internet time servers usually deliver an extremely precise time.

Serpentime 1.1: Serpentime shows how much time you spend in each application.
Serpentime 1.1

time? Serpentime shows how much time you spend in each application running on your computer. With Serpentime you can see how much time you work and how much time you rest. Benefits of using Serpentime Serpentime is the easiest way to organize and optimize your time. Knowing how much time you spend in different programs, you can increase your productivity by optimizing the ratio between working and having rest. Features of Serpentime: · Shows how

rest, time, work, serpentime, process

Work Time Tracking 4.26: Automatic time tracking solution for your PC: track applications,websites,games
Work Time Tracking 4.26

Work Time Tracking is an automatic computer time tracking solution: it tracks applications, documents, games and Internet time, works in the background without interrupting your work. Work Time Tracking can track your time under projects you work on. Comprehensive reports help you to analyze and bill your time. More features are available: project autochange, notes about your work, manual time recording, running from USB. Easy, fast, reliable.

games, internet, documents, project, time, track, applications, task, monitor, analyze, websites, monitoring, analyzing

Time Difference Calculator 1.1.0: Calculate time between 2 date/times, or date/time a given time from a date/time
Time Difference Calculator 1.1.0

times. Just input two dates and times (such as Dec. 10, 2000 11:49 PM and 12/25/07 7:33 AM) and Time Difference Calculator will display the time difference. It will display this difference both as days, hours, and minutes and entirely as hours and minutes. Time Difference Calculator can also calculate the date and time X hours and Y minutes before or after a given date and time. You can input the time difference either as days, hours and minutes

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Atomic Clock 1.5: Synchronizes your computer’s internal clock to the atomic time.
Atomic Clock 1.5

time with the current atomic time and shows difference between local computer time and actual time. You can also correct your PC`s local time automatically or manually using Window Time/Date applet. The interface of the tool is based on a small window where you can check out the local and service time and date, along with the difference between them. Atomic Clock can also guide you if you want to synchronize the local time with the server time. From

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Time to Leave 1.0: Time to Leave is a Work Time Calculator that Displays Remaining Work Time
Time to Leave 1.0

Time to Leave allows you to enter what time you start work, how many hours a day you work, and how long of a lunch you take. The application then calculates what time you can leave work. The screen continuously refreshes how much time you have left in the day, based on the system time from your PC. The settings are saved so that they are automatically restored each time the application is started. This new version of Time to Leave includes a feature

time to leave, hours remaining, overtime, retirement, lunch, work time

Time Warner Cable Bundle Deals 1.0: Time Warner Cable® Bundle Deals Available Online!
Time Warner Cable Bundle Deals 1.0

Time Warner Cable® Bundle Deals Available Online! The Best Time Warner Cable Promotions Available Here! Get Time Warner Cable Digital Cable, High-Speed Online, and Digital Phone Services Today! Discount Time Warner Cable Offers - Time Warner Cable Triple Play Bundles! Time Warner Cable® offers great Digital Cable, high-speed online and Digital Phone deals. Include Time Warner Cable®`s Digital Phone Service along with your Digital Cable television

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